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Private Practice

Private practice in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia; 1 on 1 Esoteric Acupuncture and Lightbody Activation


about Steven

Steven Booth is a Qualified Acupuncture Practitioner and Master Lightworker, with extensive experience with meridian-based body work (Shiatsu), Raja Yoga mediation, and is serious practitioner of Qigong and the Chinese Internal Martial arts of Taijiquan and Baguazhang. 
He involved in the Integral Taoism movement, and not-for-profit Agency for Advanced Development of Integral Intelligence (AADII).

His main focus is currently on expanding and making more accessible the Esoteric Acupuncture system of Dr Mikio Sankey (Ph.D, LAc), and other Lightbody Activation processes, for expanded consciousness, spiritual development and service.  While drawing on Esoteric and Transpersonal frameworks, Steven remains grounded and practical in his approach.

Aside from private practice, he runs regular meditation classes, group activation sessions,  depth exploration and process work.  He also offers self-development and practitioner training in this work through Seven Stars Lightworker Training Academy.


Events & Workshops

Learn healing methods for personal growth and transformation
Antahkarna Meditation

Personal Development Practice

Group Sessions

Private, public and corporate group activations.

Meditation Programs

Online and in person meditation programs

Lightbody Activation

For the New Human


What is available?

Experience this work first hand, in person or online - alone or in a group setting.
Private Clinical Sessions

Private clinical sessions with Steven are available in Essendon & Portland (VIC), Mount Gambier (SA), Sunshine Coast (QLD) and Byron Shire (NSW)

Group Esoteric Acupuncture

Experience the amplified energies of  group Esoteric Acupuncture activations and guided meditation.  Work together with common intention in a ceremonial space.

Further Exploration: Process and Depth Work

A small number of longer sessions are available for those wishing to dive into deeper exploratory processes. These sessions utilise a wide range of technologies from bodywork, breathwork, transpersonal counselling, ritual, art therapy, lightbody activation, meditation and journey work. These highly personalised sessions typically last around 5hrs, are by appointment only, and begin at $880(inc GST). A waiting list and interview process apply. Enquire if these sessions may be suitable for you.

Lightbody Activation & Embodied Sacred Geometry

Drawing from the New Encoding Patterns of Esoteric Acupuncture, and work with the Selenite Swords of Light, these sessions activate the embodied sacred geometries of higher consciousness.


My Blog

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Quid dubitas igitur mutare principia naturae

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Esoteric Festival 2019
I’ll be attending Esoteric Festival over Labour Day Weekend (8-11 March 2019) in Donald, Victoria, and presenting a workshop titled: Activating the Embodied Sacred Geometries of Esoteric Acupuncture In this workshop we’ll use meditation and qigong methods of…
Future Sense Podcast
Last year I featured on the Future Sense Podcast with Steve Mc Donald and Nyck Jeanes – here is the first of those episodes, discussing: Taoist Martial/Healing Arts and Consciousness Our sensory awareness is expanding as…
A transformative two day immersion experience of anchoring the embodied sacred geometrical structures of higher consciousness – the Antahkarana. Sometimes described as ‘a consciously built bridge of mental matter’, a ‘rainbow bridge’, or ‘Inner…

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