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Future Sense Podcast

Last year I featured on the Future Sense Podcast with Steve Mc Donald and Nyck Jeanes – here is the first of those episodes, discussing: Taoist Martial/Healing Arts and Consciousness

Our sensory awareness is expanding as our subtle energy fields become more complex.  We discuss energy medicine and body-mind-spirit development from a Taoist martial/healing arts perspective.
We talk about the subtle energy body, flow states, esoteric acupuncture and geometric encoding patterns associated with second-tier consciousness.

FutureSense is broadcast on BayFM.org every Monday morning, hosted by Nyck Jeanes and futurist Steve McDonald, with fresh deep analysis of global trends and emerging technologies that can help us make sense of our world. A new way of being human is emerging.

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Recorded on 30 April 2018 in Byron Bay, Australia.