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Illuminate: Aspects of Consciousness Symposium

Next month I’ll be presenting at Illuminate: Aspects of Consciousness Symposium, Australia’s foremost conference exploring the topic of consciousness, held at Breakfree Aanuka Resort, Coffs Harbour NSW from 17-19th JAN

I’ll be presenting two items over the weekend:

1 – Activating the Embodied Sacred Geometries of Esoteric Acupuncture
A 23min TedXi Style talk
An exploration into the New Encoding Patterns of Esoteric Acupuncture – a method of activating embodied sacred geometries for higher mind activation, personal and spiritual development. Drawing on the embedded intelligence (coding) within the acupuncture points, and sequential networking of their geometric relationships, new energetic structures emerge to support an evolutionary shift in consciousness.

2- The New Human: Light Body Activation
A 2hr Practical Workshop (with Steve McDonald )
Human consciousness is about to make a quantum shift as we evolve into what some regard as an entirely new species. This evolution involves an enormous leap forward in our sensory awareness and our capacity to understand and interact with the 5th dimension of reality. As we reach critical mass, a 5th dimensional planetary blueprint will emerge, transforming life on Earth as we know it. In this workshop you’ll be given an overview of our evolutionary process and the emerging changes to human nature. You’ll learn about the enhancement of our subtle energy body with sacred geometric light body patterning, which is overlaid on the existing human energy centres and meridians. Finally, you’ll be guided through a direct experience of light body activation using Esoteric Acupuncture (an advanced form of energy work based on Chinese Medicine) and Arcturian light and frequency activation techniques.